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Did you know that every single piece of content you create has a paid version?

It’s true. 

And it’s a great idea to get into the habit of asking yourself what it looks like every time you write a blog article or publish a youtube video.

For example, let’s say I write an article on my blog called “10 ways to explode email open rates”.

If I wanted to charge money for something I could take that article and say okay,

“Let’s expand it to 50 ways, and let’s make it a PowerPoint presentation that I narrate over.” 

So now we have a video workshop.

Not only that…

…but that free blog post is the perfect place to pitch that piece of paid content. 

You can easily give them the 10 for free and then towards the end of the article say,

“Now if you enjoyed these 10 then, you will definitely want to click here and check out these 50 additional ways!”

That of course will lead to the sales page for your product.

It works the other way as well.

Let’s say you have created a very cool course about something. 

You can easily ask yourself, “What does the free version of my course look like?”

Take that free version and spread that around to your blog, to your email list, to your youtube channel, to your Facebook profile. 

Anywhere people get value out of the content. 

Be sure to pitch your paid course within that free content.

That’s it for now! 

Save these messages for future reference and take action on these strategies as they are powerful.

Just saying…


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