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Today you'll learn the myth behind passive income and how we should REALLY be thinking about it?

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome to another episode of the Unlock Success Podcast.

The goal of this podcast is to give you the tools you need to grow your business not only bigger, but faster and smarter as well.

And we do that primarily by shifting our mindset.

Look, there are a ton of YouTube Channels out there with strategies and methods to help you start your own online business and I have an entire playlist dedicated to Affiliate Marketing strategies.

And then other videos that tell you how to launch and sell an online course. In the next few weeks I'll even be recording videos on how to grow your YouTube channel from scratch.

So while I'm not knocking any methods or strategies out there, I just see the massive importance in learning the MINDSET skills you need to push through when things get tough, or even to set proper expectations about your business.

And speaking of proper expectations…

Today's episode talks about just that.

I called today's episode the Myth of Passive Income.

If you search "Passive Income" on YouTube or in Google you are bound to find a ton of controversy around this phrase.

Some people think it doesn't even exist and we shouldn't use the term anymore, others think that it DOES exist but it doesn't replace consistently working on your business.


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And then there's a few others that say Passive Income exists, it's easy to obtain, and you can make millions of dollars doing nothing if you have the right strategy.

Obviously that last one is dead wrong so we can scrap that.

And the first two may be a bit too critical. So what I want to propose today is a different definition of Passive Income.

And hopefully this will help you set better expectations, and also give you a roadmap no matter what your business model may be to working towards true Passive Income in your life.

So what's my definition of Passive Income?

Here it is on today's episode.