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Hustling is not only dangerous, it has diminishing returns. Learn why on today's training.

πŸ’°Ready to Unlock Success with a business you can launch on the side?

I'll bet you in the next few minutes I could find 10 hours worth of content telling you about the importance of hustling, grinding, working late, and putting in the hours to make your dreams come true.

But I would be hard-pressed to find 5 minutes of content that actually tells you what you should be doing.

Now, I know a lot of it is just harmless motivation so I don't want you to think I'm here to tell you never to watch one of those videos again or they're all a waste of time.

But there is a danger in these videos.

These videos have a pretty massive misunderstanding of what entrepreneurship really is and what actually moves the needle in your business.

And if you're not careful, this misunderstanding can destroy your productivity and business in general.

I call it the Diminishing Returns of Hustling

Here's what I mean, we've all heard of diminishing returns.

Just because something starts out with a good return, doesn't mean it always stays that way. You may have seen this if you've ever run ads on Facebook or Youtube.

Even if you begin profitably, as you increase your budget you might find that your Return on Adspend gets smaller and smaller.

Or let's say you're hiring a team. At first, hiring people is profitable because more work is getting done, but at a certain point simply hiring more people costs more money than they'll be able to bring in.

Well, the same is true in Hustle Culture.

Hustling, or working those long hours, may start off being profitable, but eventually the return you get for those late nights and time away from family gets smaller and smaller.

Why is this?

It's simply because at a certain level, working MORE does not always mean working BETTER.

In fact, some of the most profitable things you can do in your business don't always require you to be there at all hours of the day.

Find out more on today's training where we dive into this.


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