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Success doesn't care about your feelings. Learn how to fight against emotion-based decisions on today's episode.

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome to another episode of the Unlock Success Podcast.

Today I wanted to touch on a topic that plagues every entrepreneur. It doesn't matter if they're beginner or advanced, introverted or extroverted, analytical or artistic…

Every entrepreneur will eventually struggle with what I call "Emotion-Based Decisions."

I know it sounds obvious, but these are decisions made purely on the basis of feelings rather than fact.

Look, every day you have two choices when you're working on your business or side hustle, or whatever stage of entrepreneurship you're in…

You can do what feels good, or you can do what you believe to be right.

Now, when what feels good and what's right come together, it's a beautiful thing…

But let's face it, that doesn't always happen or else we would all be successful entrepreneurs with thriving businesses.

The difficulty comes not just when we choose what feels good, but when we actually decide for ourselves that that's what is right for our business….. even when you know it isn't.

How do we combat this?

How can we think about our feelings and emotions the right way in our business?

That's what today's episode is all about.


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