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Ready to learn how to become an "overnight success?" Learn how to do the RIGHT things over that bring you there.

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome to another episode of the Unlock Success Podcast where I give you my completely unfiltered, no-BS take on business and entrepreneurship.

Today I want to talk about a quote I'm starting to see roll around on the internet.

The quote goes like this:

"It takes 10 Years to Become an Overnight Success."

I googled it to try to find who originally said it and while I couldn't find who said it first, it seems Jeff Bezos made it popular.

Now, the unfortunate thing is people are getting wrapped up in the whole 10 years thing…

There's a ton of forums where people are arguing if it REALLY takes ten years, or if it could be done in less time, or if you actually need MORE than that…

And it's hilarious because they're completely missing the point of the quote.

The point of the saying is that when you see someone become what LOOKS like an overnight success, you have to realize that there is years and years of work behind that success.

It's like that image of an iceburg…

All you see is the TIP of the iceburg, but there is soooo much going on beneath the surface that you aren't seeing.

And because it's not easy to see that foundation, when we see someone seemingly pop up out of nowhere with all this success, with think they're an "overnight success."

When in reality, they've been doing the slow & steady, small & boring things for years.

So today on the podcast I want to get very practical with you and talk about a few of those, slow & steady things you can be doing TODAY, to help you become an overnight success in the future.


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