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I recently applied for every ClickFunnels Award that I could qualify for and decided to do an unboxing when they came in. Check it out!

πŸ”₯ Copy+Paste My ENTIRE Digital Empire

Now, while some of these awards are from creating online courses, the bulk of them don't even come from promoting my own products.

In fact, long before ClickFunnels and their awards were ever a thing, I've been generating this level on money online for the past 15 or so years WITHOUT my own products, software, or programs…

Instead, I'm leveraging a concept called affiliate marketing where you promote someone ELSE'S products or services and collect a commission on every single sale.

And while Affiliate Marketing has certainly changed over the years, the truth is, it's working even better now than it ever has.

Let me show you the exact strategies I'm using to build the life of my dreams with affiliate marketing and give you the chance to literally Copy+Paste the funnel I'm using which contains all of the products I personally promote and even the marketing I use to promote them.

Check it out here:


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