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If you're just getting started these are the ONLY two metrics you should focus on to grow your account.

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What's up everybody Anthony Morrison here and today I want to simplify your YouTube marketing for you by showing you the ONLY two metrics you need to worry about if you're just starting to grow your youtube channel.

Don't overcomplicate your channel in 2021. There are only THREE things that YouTube REALLY looks at when it's deciding if they're going to recommend your video to millions of viewers, or if it's going to flop.

I'm going to show you what those two metrics are, how you can maximize them to get your video in front of thousands of people, and grow your channel fast in 2021.

But first if you're new here before I'm thrilled you made it to my channel and if your goal is to grow your youtube channel or your business in 2021 then you're in the right place.

Every single week I'm uploading videos on how to make money online, how to grow your business with digital marketing, and I also run a podcast on this channel which gets into the mindset tools you need for serious success.

Unlike a lot of online marketers you'll meet I've been doing this for over 15 years and while I've spent the bulk of that time actually launching and growing businesses it was only this year I decided to pull back the curtain and reveal everything I can on this youtube channel…

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