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In my last email, I mentioned ” If a teenager can do it, so can you”.

I also shared my favorite recipe.

My Clickable Example…

(it’s my personal recipe for freedom)

Now let’s talk about a critical mistake that a lot of people make when trying to build an online business.

You need to know that a complicated system won’t work for many people because …

Key Point – A confused mind says … NO!

So the first requirement of a successful system is …

It MUST be SIMPLE … Simple means that ANYONE can do it.

So what are the simple yet necessary requirements of a successful system?

1) It must effectively introduce your business to a LOT of prospects (you need prospects) without taking much of your time (or money)

2) It must professionally present your business for you and sort your prospects so you know which ones are seriously interested

3) It must automatically follow up with prospects indefinitely, providing them valuable information.

4) It must help you meet your #1 need (getting quality leads) for little or no cost

5) It must provide you with ongoing training and clearly communicate that the “System Is The Solution”

Look forward to my next message where I’ll share:

“A Great System Requires Effective Marketing”



P.S.  How you like your system so far?


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