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“It’s like baby unicorn tears for getting clients”…

Complicated webinar funnels.

Cold DMs.

5-Day Challenges.


Thinking of doing a tequila enema yet?

Or throwing ya Macbook out a car window?

Tools to do this.

Tools to do that.

Pixels for this and cookies for that.

As you work longer.




On weekends…

And whenever you have a spare moment.

Listening to podcasts at 2x speed…

While gunning for inbox zero.

Refreshing LinkedIn.

As you pretend to pay attention on a Zoom call you don't even need to be on.

*screams at sky*

All this to try and figure this 💩 out.

It’s okay.

There’s a solution.

Here it is…

There is no solution.

Did I hurt your feelings?

Do you want a band-aid and a cuddle?

But listen…

If you finally wanna get more clients.


And sales than you could possibly handle.

Then this ‘selling system’ is for you.


And before ya roll your eyes.

And say…

“Aaaaanother flippin’ guru”.

Lemme show ya some sweet-proof pie.

Here's the stats:

💰 7.8b in sales generated
🔑 1067 different industries and niches.
⭐️ 3,000+ reviews (average of 4.7 stars)
💵 58 millionaires created
🤑 6x 8 figure clients created
😤 #17 fastest-growing company in Australia (ranked by the AFR)
🚀 #1 fastest-growing agency (3 years in a row)

Look, amigo…at the end of the day…

The numbers simply don’t lie.

Go see for yourself.


Cos not only am I revealing every little piece of the system in my bestselling book.

Today, I’ll even send ya a copy for free.

(Just chip in for postage + handling)

And never again put your hard-earned pesos…

Behind a crappy agency.


Or funnel that murders your moolah.

So slip on your big boy pants.

And click the link below.

To grab your free copy today.


Oh, and lemme address the elephant that’s been trumpeting about your mind.

“Why is this dude giving his secrets away for free?”

Don’t worry.

I explain all that and more on the link below.