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In my last message, I talked about how the ‘fortune is in the follow up’.

I also mentioned the importance of exposing your ‘vehicle’ numerous times.

(by the way ===> having the right ‘vehicle’ video <=== can make a huge difference).

Today I will continue to give you more insight into the critical importance of this.

Remember last time-  I mentioned that the ‘Direct Sales Association’, said it takes an average of 9 exposures before your prospects will take action?

Key Point – They key to increasing your sales, is to send your prospects multiple follow-up e-mail messages.

Top Internet Marketers know that they will sell a lot more products when they REPEATEDLY follow up with prospects … and without a lead capture page, they have no way to do that.

Now you might be saying, “My website has a form on it for prospects to enter their contact information”…

But is it the sole focus of your website, or… is there 20 other things along with it- to distract your prospects?

Do you have a website that has an EFFECTIVE lead capture page … that requires a prospect to enter their contact information?

What do I mean by an ‘effective’ lead capture page?

Did you know there are many variables that determine the success of an effective lead capture page?

For example…

Did you know that a little symbol can increase results by at least 22%?

Did you know that 1 keyword can increase results by at least another 28%?

How about your ‘Sales’ page?

Do you even have a real “Sales Page”… or does it have 20 different things on it, distracting your prospects?

So how do internet marketers maximize the number of people who submit their contact info?

Find out in my next message, so stay tuned.

In my next message,  I’ll teach you the # 1 thing that prospects find most valuable,  so you can make a lot more sales:


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