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Picture this…

Two brothers. 

One of them is named Stan and the other Joe. 

Both brothers are master deck builders.

Now Stan decides he wants to take all of his knowledge and publish an amazing book about deck building. 

This thing is awesome and it’s really kind of like the BIBLE of deck building. 

Great book.

Joe goes in a different direction.  

He decides to publish a blog and upload content weekly to his blog. 

All kinds of little tips and tricks about deck building and what he’s working on.

So the first year, things happen about like you might expect. 

Stan gets major attention for his book. 

Joe, not as much attention for his blog, it is brand new after all.

But let’s flash forward a year.

Do you know what happens?

Well, Stan’s book is now a year old. 

So all the people looking for the NEW deck building books aren’t looking at Stan’s book as much because they are looking for the new stuff.

Joe’s blog, on the other hand, is just trotting along, publishing fresh and interesting content every week. 

New content. 

Fresh content. 

Every week.

Joe is staying top of mind in his niche because he is publishing content in the space regularly.

Ultimately, for Stan to stay relevant to his market he is going to have to publish more content. 

Current content. 

It’s not really fair because all the stuff in his book is still relevant even if his book is two years old.

It doesn’t matter. 

Fresh content is the lifeblood of the internet. 

Stan has to find a way to stay relevant and that means fresh content.

Okay, story over.

AM I telling you not to publish a book? 


Publishing a book is absolutely great to help you build authority.

I am telling you publishing a book is not enough. 

You need a strategy to stay top of mind. 

In many cases that means publishing content for free somewhere people hang out and allowing them the chance to discover you.

This week we are going to be exploring content and how to create great content to propel your business to greatness.

That’s all for now though. 

I’ll see you in the next lesson where we’ll continue our talk about the power of content marketing.



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