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What an EPIC Success Connection LIVE training last night!

We kicked off with a quick lesson on why YOUR success is inevitable in 2022 as long as you do this ONE thing…

Then we finalized “phase 1” of your next business!

(IF you’re new this is a completely free ‘multi-phase’ business we are building together which you’ll get to keep when we launch)

On the webinar I gave you the affiliate link that goes directly to your order form & tracks your sales to make sure you get paid!

Then I gave you the ebook I wrote for you that goes on your thank you page…

This is the asset you give people in exchange for their email and it’s completely free & done for you!

Finally I gave you the “re-open” pages you will send people that don’t buy on the first go-around.

We’ve been using these kind of pages for years to get extra sales and they CRUSH!

Here’s what went down:

1. Gave you the ebook for free
2. Released 2 funnel sequences
3. Gave you commission links
4. Unlocked all previous assets

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