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We had a great time last night on a special Christmas Eve ‘Eve’ episode of the Success Connection!

We started off with a quick lesson on the biggest thing I think you should focus on in YOUR entrepreneurial journey in 2022…

Then we started building out your “micro-continuity bundle” business.

(If you’re brand new this is the 16th FREE business we’ll be building & launching together before the end of the year)

In this ‘affiliate selling system’ we’ll be promoting 2 offers…

Right now we’re focusing on the 1st offer which is a monthly newsletter you’ll be able to sell & make money every single month.

Last week I asked you to design your own version of the optin & thank you pages for this business.

And last night I selected 10 students that participated randomly to win $200 each!

I’ll be reviewing all the submissions this week & buying some next Thursday night…

PLUS you got the other 4 pages I bought from students last week for $100 each.

Finally you got the sales video for M Insider which goes on your thank you page, and ultimately gets you PAID!

Oh yea, and it’s also my bday today and I asked you for a small favor if you don’t mind helping me out 🙂

Here’s what went down:

1. Gave away $2000 randomly to students who submitted designs
2. Released the M Insider sales video for your thank you page
3. Gave you 4 optin pages from last week ($400 value)

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