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We had our final training of 2021 last night on the Success Connection!

And since every new year brings on different challenges & opportunities we spent a little time talking about the differences between where affiliate marketing WAS and more importantly… where it’s GOING in 2022.

And I walked you through your new affiliate business model…

(If you’re brand new this is the 16th FREE business we’ll be building & launching together)

On the webinar I reviewed the “free report” that will be going on the opt-in page…

… and we talked about the psychology of WHY this book will increase your leads (and ultimately your sales)

Then I told you how to win $8,500 LIVE next Thursday 🙂

Here’s what went down:

1. Finished phase 1 of your free business
2. Reviewed the free report ebook
3. Started the $8,500 contest

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