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List building on Steroids …

I trust you have been enjoying my series of messages on list building. 

Today instead of keeping the content here on email, I am providing another really cool resource when it comes to building your email list.

This is a high-quality video series on List Building that I bought access to a while back.  You do have to opt-in but there is no cost for the 10-video series that carries you through the essential elements of learning to build an email list.

Below are some of the things covered in the course plus there is much more.

  • Discover the truth about list building and why the whole “build a relationship with your list” notion could be costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year.
  • How to Glue Your Subscribers to Every Email You Send.  Discover the 6 secrets of getting subscribers to open every email and take action for more opens, more reads, more click-throughs and more revenue.
  • Learn how to make money by GIVING stuff away.  Turn free downloads into your best sales tools. People won’t believe you when you say you make money by giving away free stuff but this module shows you how!
  • Revealed: How to create high converting landing pages.  Discover 4 secrets of creating irresistible headlines, bullets and calls to action that send opt-in conversion rates through the roof.

I expect you will receive a lot of value from this resource so be prepared to take notes, use for ongoing reference as well as motivation for taking action.


I have a very important question for you tomorrow, but for now…


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