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Last night on the SC we officially “connected” & launched YOUR free business!

(If you’re new, this is the 14th business we’ve built together over the last several weeks that you get 100% free of charge)

First we started off by talking about the difference between ‘learning’ & ‘doing’… and why INVESTING is so key to your long-term success.

… then I reviewed & bought 2 more ebooks from students for $150 each that I’ll give you next week.

Then I walked you through your business & showed you how to connect everything together to make it profit-ready.

Finally I told you how you can win $1000 next week just by posting in our FB group…

Here’s what went down:

1. Connected & launched your business
2. Reviewed more student versions of the ebook
3. Purchased 2 student ebooks for $150 each
4. Facebook comment contest announced ($1,000)


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