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Last night I did something I’ve never done on the Success Connection as we continued to build out your free list building business…

(If you’re new, this is the 14th business we’re building together over the next 60 days that you’ll get 100% free of charge)

Last week I asked you to go submit emails for this business and post them to our FB group.

And last night I went through every single one… well sorta.

I actually realized about 45 min that we simply didn’t have the time to read email so I decided to buy EVERYONE’S emails (which I'll release to the entire group next week)

That’s right, as long as you posted a submission over the last 2 weeks you’re getting $50.

And since we had about 80 people participate I ended up giving away $4K right there on the webinar!

Then we selected one of the random participants to get FREE access to my YouTube Gold program where my team actually builds your YouTube channel for you. ($7,500 value)

So all in all we had an epic training, gave away $11,500, AND I made some key announcements for next week you don’t wanna miss!

Here’s what went down:

1. Reviewed some email submissions
2. Paid everyone who submitted emails $50 each ($4,000 total)
3. Selected a winner for the YouTube Accelerator Gold membership contest ($7,500)
4. Started a new contest (details on replay)


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