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We are breezing through your next FREE business on the Success Connection!

(If you’re new, this is the 14th business we’re building together over the next 60 days that you’ll get 100% free of charge)

Last night we started off with a HUGE announcement on Facebook new algorithm tweaks and why FanPages are seriously killing it right now – and how I just made $600K with just one of my pages 🙂

Then I released the 4 pages I bought last week for $100 each so you can load them up to ClickFunnels.

Then we did a full on “email copywriting workshop” where I showed you how to write compelling emails that convert.

Then I wrote 2 for you live on the call and gave them to you free of charge!

Finally I told you how you can win some cash next week…

Here’s what went down:

1. Released the 4 funnels I bought last week ($400)
2. Gave away 2 done-for-you emails
3. Facebook algorithm announcement
4. Told you how to win some cash next week


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