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In the last message, I talked about why a person will join your business …


The way you introduce your business will determine whether a prospect will believe they can do it successfully.

So what if you showed your prospects something so simple, a teenager could do it?

I’m sure at one time in your life you’ve been to a McDonald’s restaurant.

Who do they have working behind the counter?


Most of whom have probably never worked anywhere else, yet each franchise is extremely successful … why?

Because they know:

What to do …
When to do it …
How to do it …

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Get the bag of French fries out of the refrigerator, put them in the basket up to a certain line, drop the basket in the oil, and hit the timer button.

When the timer beeps and flashes … take out the fries … simple … anyone could do it!

What if you were a teenager, or 75 years old?

What if you never cooked anything before?

It wouldn’t matter, would it ???

But let’s be real … building a business isn’t like making cookies…

Or is it?

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach you:

A confused mind says ‘NO‘.

P.S.  My recipe … always keep it simple.


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