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Is Your Business This Easy?

Remember my email from a few days ago where I talked about the importance of focusing on duplicating


than recruiting?

Today’s message will help you take a look at some areas where duplication is critical to your success in building an online business…

Is your way of getting prospects something that not only works, but is easy for your team to duplicate?

Is your way of presenting your business, not only effective, but also something that is easy for your team to duplicate?
Is the way of following up with prospects, not only automated, but also easy for your team to duplicate?

Are you noticing a pattern here … let me continue…


When you train someone, is it not only effective, but is it something that anyone on your team can easily duplicate?…

Do they need to be a master trainer and spend a lot of time training others?
Do you have a way to easily get people to join your business, so it’s easy for them to get people to join their business?
Once people get started in your business, do they immediately know what to do?

Let me share a few key ideas so you can make sure you have an organization that duplicates itself …

1) You need to first make sure that everyone on your team understands that duplication is the key to success

2) Your team needs to have a system to get quality leads

3) Your system needs to be easy

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach you why:

Systems are the Key to Duplication!


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Clickable Duplication = Money 🙂