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Paul here. 


I’m sorta like a nut case…


This is one of the first messages you’re receiving from me, so

I want to share with you some personal insights about me…

insights you would not typically disclose in one’s “About Me” website page.

After all, I would like you to allow me to serve you to the best of my ability but you need to know me and trust me a bit to take advantage of the information I have to share.

I am typically short-winded when it comes to verbal discussion and long-winded when it comes to the written word…

with those words of warning,

I promise to keep this message reasonably short.

Why did I ask you to join my list, read my messages, consider my insights…


Don’t like to admit it, have not shared this with many and don’t plan to.

I am 61 years of age and fearful of the future.

Not paralyzed by it but the thought of age constraints in the workforce,

living on a pension/retirement benefits and social security really creates a sense of insecurity in me.

How about for you?

I do not have a large financial nest egg to preserve while living off the monthly income stream it produces.

I picture a happy retirement as a time to get closer to my children, grandchildren, family and friends …

not a time to have to scrape together money from part-time jobs to meagerly survive.

Sure, I know online marketing has similar characteristics to a part-time job, but,

I work for myself, not someone else.

It allows me freedom, opportunities to meet new people, and further develop my skill sets in areas necessary to create, operate and maintain a successful business.

266 words at this point…not much more for today.

I think fear has been the primary motivator for most of my life.

Perhaps not the first 10-12 years but after that… maybe so.

Peer pressures and disappointments take their toll, more on some than others.

That’s a part of my life I regret and wish would have been different.

But thinking about regrets is a useless waste of time, right?

We learn, grow and move on.

Does this resonate with you?

  • A little?
  • Some?
  • A lot?

Well if it does, you and I have at least one thing in common…fear.

Let’s deal with it and use it to our advantage.

I refuse to let fear deter me from the pursuit of my dreams…

how about you?

To your Success,


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Facebook me here…

P.S.  I’ll check-in with more insights about Paul soon…

…like the major screw-up I caused with my retirement savings a few years back…so embarrassing.

Thanks for reading.



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