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Is it really possible to make money on YouTube WITHOUT actually creating the videos yourself or showing your face? Check out today's strategy

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Hey everybody and welcome to another video where I show you what's working on my personal YouTube Channel and how you can use YouTube to launch and grow your own business – really from scratch.

My name is Anthony Morrison, Ive been an Internet Marketer for over 15 years now and with this specific playlist I wanted to do something special.

Rather than teach something I've been doing for years like with my affiliate marketing channel and my podcast…

I wanted to do this series on YouTube Marketing that shares what I'm learning with you.

As this channel has been growing I wanted to take a step back and really analyze what's working and share what I find with you.

I really believe that if you're just getting started and want to make money online, whether you have your own product or you're an affiliate for someone else, or you want to generate a lot of followers to get paid through brand deals and ads…

YouTube has ALL of those opportunities for anyone just getting started.

Now, that being said, people will still DM me and tell me they really really want to get started on YouTube but for whatever reason they aren't ready to create their own videos…

Whether they don't want to show their face, or they don't feel like their camera quality is very good, or the idea of screen sharing your computer doesn't really fit with your niche…

Look whatever the reasoning may be I wanted to give you a strategy that allows you to still profit from YouTube without filming or recording any videos yourself.

And this isn't some weird trick that no one's ever actually tried. There are thousands of YouTube Channels out there with people generating money every single month without creating their own videos, without showing their face, and without doing screen share tutorials – so stay until the end of this video because I'm not only going to show you how they're doing it, but how YOU can apply these same techniques and even take them to the next level.


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