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How can a complete beginner make money on Amazon in 2020? Check out my new video to find out. Hint: DON'T Start an FBA Store!

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Hey, I'm Anthony Morrison, and if you want to see how you can earn money from Amazon as a complete beginner WITHOUT launching an Amazon Store then check this out. I've been using this exact method known as Affiliate Marketing for the past 15 years and yet it's still the #1 way to make money online and work from home job I'd recommend in 2020.

Making money online and working from home has never been easier with the internet but there are still plenty of dangers and ways to waste your hard earned money. That's why I go over the top 3 reasons why I don't think a beginner should start an Amazon FBA store and what they should do instead.

Check out my other videos on the Anthony Morrison channel where I go step-by-step on the ways to make money in 2020 and the best work from home jobs!

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