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In my last message, I told a story about lunch with a millionaire.

Today let’s talk about a million-dollar billboard.

Key Point – A fancy looking website with no traffic, equals no sales.

Let’s imagine you had a business in Las Vegas …

And you want to capture the attention of all the people driving into the city.

You decide to get a billboard to grab their attention … but not just any billboard … The BEST looking billboard with QUALITY copy.

You go out and find the best copywriter in the world, you find the best graphic artist you can… and between them both, you pay 1 million dollars!

It’s expensive, but you figure it’s worth it because it can’t fail … right …


Why do I say “WRONG”? …

Well, one key item you didn’t realize, is that the only location available was 10 miles off the side of the road …

And although you have the best copy in the world … and the best graphics …

Would anyone be able to see your billboard?

Of course not!

Remember this key point – A fancy looking website with no traffic = NO sales

It’s ALL about Effective Marketing!

So let’s imagine that someone tells you that you could move your billboard to a different location … to right beside the road.

Perhaps even at a place where everyone would easily see it … and maybe even at a place where everyone had to stop (like at a traffic light).

Now how much business do you think you would get?

Key Point – A LOT of Quality Traffic = a LOT More Sales

It’s ALL about Effective Marketing!

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach you why ‘The Fortune is in the Follow Up’.


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