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If you were on last night’s SC live training then you know it needs no ‘introduction’…

We kicked off the webinar with a couple lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way:

1. How to make sure you “control” your business in 2021, and
2. Why it’s important to have you garage door encased in styrofoam… smh

We also continued to ‘build out’ out your “Hidden Sales Funnel” event business.

(If you’re new, this is the 13th business we’re building together that you’ll get 100% free of charge)

You got the “non-registrant” email series that’s designed to follow up with people that opted in to your list but didn’t register for your free event…

I wrote these using the free software you got last week and asked you to do your own version to win some cash next week. (More details on replay)

I also paid 4 students $250 each just for submitting emails last week…

… they got picked randomly & paid just for doing the work so make sure you watch the replay to see how you can win this week.

Here’s what went down:

1. Gave away more free emails & email writing software
2. Paid out $1000 for email writing contest
3. Started next email writing contest (details on replay)
4. Gave away $100 for Facebook post contest

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