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In my last email, I mentioned how crucial it is for you to have effective marketing.

Without it, you’ll find it extremely difficult to create residual income.


Today I’ll share with you a quick story about lunch with a millionaire.


The founder of  ‘Power Lead System’  once had lunch with a millionaire (let’s call him Greg because he obviously would rather remain private), and…

while he was eating,

Greg said,

“You know Michael, it only takes 2 things to generate a lot more sales!”

Needless to say, Michael stopped chewing, put down his fork … quickly gulped down his food and asked …

“What would those 2 things be?”

He figured he could easily learn 2 things.

Greg said,

“You need a lot more exposure because, with all else being equal, the more exposure others have to your product, the more sales you’ll make.”

Now, that’s not rocket science, but I like the simplicity of it …

More Exposure = More Sales (all things being equal).

“OK Greg … so what’s the 2nd thing required to make a lot more sales?” Michael asked.

Greg smiled and paused … “Well, it’s really quite simple … so simple you don’t want to miss this”…

Michael waited anxiously … and Greg continued …

“The more effective you are with your exposure, the more sales you’ll make (all else being equal).”

Again, Michael didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to agree …

“This makes absolute sense!”

So the 1st key to success is taking a lot more action. (this is the same thing as ‘exposure’).

The 2nd key to success,  you must be effective at the actions you take.

The key to making a lot more sales is you MUST have a LOT more exposure, AND… you MUST be effective at it!

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach you about the Million Dollar Billboard.


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