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In my last message, I mentioned a story about a million-dollar billboard.

Today I’ll share with you why the ‘fortune is in the follow-up’.   

The ‘Direct Sales Association’ said that in today’s world, it takes an average of 9 exposures to a product, service, or opportunity, for someone to take action!

Key Point – The key to increasing exposure to your program, is to send your prospects multiple follow-up messages … and the best way to do that, is through e-mail.


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It allows you to get immediate feedback as to the effectiveness of your marketing.

The challenge is, that if you can’t successfully deliver and track your email, then how would you know how well it’s working?

And how can you send and deliver email in today’s world filled with spam?

I’ll get to that in a second, but first, a quick question…

What do all the top marketers require before you can see the sales page?

They all have a web page called a “Lead Capture” or “Squeeze Page” as the first page of their website.

We’ll stick with the term “Lead Capture Page” for the purpose of this message.

The main and only objective of the “Lead Capture Page”, is to capture the contact information from a lead (which is why they call it a “Lead Capture Page”).

This is done with the sole purpose to follow up with the prospect … repeatedly!

And since the “Sales Page” is where they sell their products, then why wouldn’t they just send prospects directly to the sales page?

The answer is simple … the FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW UP!

Anyone can build a successful business.

I wouldn’t be telling you this unless I KNEW it was true.

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach you how to make a lot more sales.

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