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We had an absolute BLAST last night on the SC building out your new free business…

(If you’re new this an epic affiliate program we’re building together where you can make 100% FREE commissions.

So far we’ve done just under $150 million in deals with businesses since we started at ZERO last July…

But there are still a lot of deals “in the works” just waiting to be closed.

So I brought on Jason from Bottom Line to give you some tips on how to get more deals ‘over the finish line’ even faster.

Not only did Jason have some amazing insights for you…

… but he also released a private email you can use to work with the Bottom Line team to boost YOUR conversions!

I also told you that I’ll be introducing your sales team to you next week.

*** If you bought Grant Cardone’s program then make sure to keep an eye out for an email over the weekend telling you how to access your team & submit your leads to them***

Finally, we extended the FB post contest where you can win 1,000 free leads next week.


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