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Last night on the SC I revealed a major update to your ERC business…

(If you’re new this an epic affiliate program we’re building together where you can make 100% FREE commissions.)

Two weeks ago I released the lead & call center packages to help close your deals faster…

… and the results have been EPIC!

But if you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with “tracking” and “measuring” results to get a better idea of what’s working in REAL time.

So I decided to have the call center build you out some legit “statistical reports” that will give you the full picture of how YOUR leads are converting with them.

They’re putting the finishing touches on this now and it should be available to you next week.

I also showed you an EXTRA tracking link you can get from Bottom Line that will track your sales floor deals directly.

From now on you’ll be able to send this link to the call center with all your NEW lead submissions…

… and you’ll be able to see which deals came from the sales floor and which ones came from your other marketing efforts.

On the webinar I walk you through how to get this secret link & submit it to the call center.

We also extended the FB post contest where you can win 1,000 free leads next week!


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