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Are You Feeling Broke?

If so, you need to listen up.

Let’s do this in 3 points.

Point One

The key to making a sustainable income online is audience building.

I mean that.

You need to start building a group of people around you who give a care about

what you have to say.

Make sense?

Point Two

Now the core of that audience is the email list.

So as you are building your audience you need to be putting them on an email list.

Point Three

The fuel that makes the entire internet go is content.

So if you want to build an audience and then put them on an email list, you need to get good at consistently putting out good content.

Great, right.

So how do you come up with great content?

Well let me give you a simple formula that has served me well time and again.

Entertainment value + actionable content = great content that builds audience and produces sales.

So let’s break this formula down.

  1.  Entertainment value –

This generally can come in the form of some kind of story.

It doesn’t have to be a crazy long story and it doesn’t have to be personal.

It could be as simple as an inspirational quote and a little background about

the person who said it.

The goal of the story is to entertain and to segue into the “actionable content.”

  1.  Actionable Content –

This generally will come in the form of a “Step 1 do this, Step 2 do that, Step 3 do the other thing” type form OR it can come in the form of a lesson or takeaway that you give your audience.

Something that you took away from the story you just told them.

Like a “moral to the story” kind of situation.

That’s it.  That’s the whole formula.

If you can put those 2 things into every piece of content that you put out there then it becomes very easy to put pitches and offers into the content and you will see far more success.

And that brings us to the end of another post.

I hope you got value out of this and I will see you in the next message!

Thanks for reading my content,


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P.S. IN the next email we’ll be continuing our journey down email marketing alley because this subject is vital and I have a lot more to talk about!



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