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Last night on the Success Connection we started your next free business LIVE on call!

(If you’re brand new, this is a full on “done for you” business we’ll build together which I’ll give you for FREE when we launch)

We started off the training with a quick chat on what I call “strategic sacrifices” and how to leverage these to boost YOUR success.

THEN I showed you the brand-new business model I came up with for you…

We’re going to be building out a full on ‘educational ecosystem’ and it’s gonna ROCK!

I ran you through the entire blueprint of the business and explained how it will make you money.

We talked about how to target the RIGHT customers to make sure we’re not “spinning our wheels” in business.

I also gave you an opportunity to vote on what niche we’ll be focusing on (details on replay)

Everyone on the call was stoked when they saw what we were doing, and now it’s your turn to catch up if you missed it!

Here’s the quick version:

1. Started your next educational ecosystem business
2. Walked you through the entire business model from A-Z
3. Vote for business niche

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