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We had an EPIC training last night on the Success Connection…

… where we started building YOUR free business live on the call!

(If you’re brand new, this is a full on “done for you” business we’ll build together which I’ll give you for FREE when we launch)

We kicked off the training with a quick chat on the type of people you should be hanging out with while you’re building your business (this might surprise you)

Then we started building out your “customer avatar” so we can hyper-target our marketing.

And we mapped out your educational ecosystem business plan step-by-step.

Finally we started a new contest where I showed you how you can win $100 next week (details on replay)

Here’s the quick version:

1. Revealed your business niche
2. Walked you through the entire business model step-by-step
3. Started new contest ($100)

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