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Sabri Suby the founder of Australia's #1 fastest-growing digital marketing agency sits down with Grant Cardone to talk all things business growth, family and sales.

The billion-dollar property mogul and the ‘Godfather’ of sales reveal how he grew his business from 3 employees and $3 million in revenue to…

$150 million powerhouses with 140 employees.

We also spoke about….

⚫️ The equilibrium of running a business and a family (including the stuff no one talks about publicly)
⚫️ Why Grant felt like a business ‘guru’ fraud (and who has influenced him)
⚫️ The billionaire method to ‘creating’ time (why you don’t divide it but create it)
⚫️ How to become a Polymath that terrorizes your competition

0:10 Intro
1:20 Grant Cardone moment in 2010
4:42 What wrong Grant has done and how to recover?
6:39 How to become a great sales guy?
6:56 Become a household name
7:10 How to become a known person
8:10 Looking for more business to know who can monitor
8:53 Individuals as clients to scale
9:43 How to use social media
10:15Layout the content to scale
11:28 Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins heavily influenced
11:42 What system worked for Grant
12:25 How to become a master to create own content
12:43 How Grant creates something new
13:10 Brian Tracy and Tom never built businesses
13:43 Don't be a trainer, speaker, built a business instead
14:04 Why Grant Cardone felt like a fraud
14:33 How to make brand your name
15:02 Cardone Capital will never fail
15:17 Sales is the foundation and the trap
15:54 Knocking on doors can't be a business
16:02 How To build a business that operates when you are not there
16:25 Grant wasn't investing in marketing at the beginning
16:33 From 2012 Grant invest in ads
16:50 People should study what Grant actually went through
17:01 From 2,5 years ago (2017) 1 million $ in ads a month
17:54 Elena calls Grant
18:05 You've got to have a team
18:08 3 employees 7-8 years ago: Jarrod, Sheri, Grant
18:35 You need somebody to clean stuff up
19:00 Sheri never tells Grant don't do this
19:25 There is never Grant you did wrong, it's all about cleaning
19:30 There is no right or wrong, it's just action
19:38 About Sherri, Jarrod, Ryan
20:26 Jesus didn't become Jesus without marketing-advertising
21:13 Grant has a balanced life, a whole deal
21:40 10X your life
22:00 Get the whole world to know you
22:35 What Grant needed for him and his family to scale
23:08 Grant's goal is to send more money to people then taking in
23:34 How to manage time
23:40 10X is about having it all
23:55 The quitters all have bad advice
24:22 7 years ago Grant didn't have all this
25:20 How to spend time
26:02 Throw away you old beliefs
26:12 Ideal Life. Save time. Buy time.
27:12 Grant's advice to Sabri to scale

So let’s explore this entire interview and learn exclusive lessons from Grand Cardone.

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