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We had yet another epic SC LIVE Training last night!

… where we continued to build out YOUR done for you “affiliate selling” business.

(If you’re new, this is the 15th business we’re building together over the next several weeks that you get 100% free of charge)

First I walked you through the business step-by-step and showed you how it will get you paid!

Then I reviewed all of the “student versions” of the registration page I gave you last week…

… and ended up buying 5 for $750 which I’ll give to the entire group next Thursday.

Congrats again to our winners and everyone who participated!

Finally, I showed you how to get the first month of Webinar Fuel software FREE by joining our CF Challenge (starting Monday)

Here’s what went down:

1. Walked through your affiliate selling business
2. Reviewed the student registration page designs
3. Chose 5 winners for $150 each
4. Showed you how to get a free month of Webinar Fuel
5. Showed you how to get 100% commissions on the YouTube course (details on replay page)


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