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Last night on the SC we made some major progress with your affiliate selling machine business!

(If you’re new, this is the 15th business we’ve built together over the last several weeks that you get 100% free of charge)

First we reviewed the entire business & how it’s going to make you money…

THEN I gave you the first asset for this business (webinar registration & thank you page)

… people were LOVING this and it’s 100% done for you – free of charge!

We also kicked off details for our “page building contest”…

… where you can create your own versions of these pages and win some case cash.

Finally I gave you a first look at a challenge we’re kicking off with ClickFunnels you absolutely do NOT want to miss!

Here’s what went down:

1. Released auto-webinar registration & thank you page (live only)
2. Walking through the webinar for your business (phase 1)
3. Started page building contest
4. Started brand new challenge with ClickFunnels


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