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Last night’s Success Connection on fire!

We kicked off with a very important lesson about my current journey with crypto currency and how I lost out on a $75K opportunity… (yep)

Then we started building out YOUR next free business…

(If you’re new this is an “affiliate selling” business that we’re building together & you’ll get to keep when we launch in a few weeks)

On the webinar I did a FULL on “email copywriting” course for you from A-Z.

I broke down the “sequence” of emails you need to write for your business for MAX conversions.

We also started an email writing copywriting contest for next week with a HUGE incentive for anyone that participates!

Finally, I told you how I’m giving away a FREE $1,000/week generating business & how you can win!

Here’s the summary of what we did:

1. Reviewed Affiliate Selling System business
2. Email follow-up sequence workshop
3. Told you how to win a $1k/week business
4. Unlocked all phase 1 & 2 assets

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