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If you were on last night’s SC then you know it was pretty insane!

We started off talking about why so much of our success depends so much on how we “see ourselves”… and what to do about it.

Then we started building out YOUR next free business…

(If you’re new this is an “affiliate selling” business that we’re building together & you’ll get to keep when we launch in a few weeks)

First we did a quick ‘run through’ of your business…

Then I reviewed some of the follow-up emails written by students.

We had over 80 submissions (17 emails each) on these so thank you for everyone that participated!

I ended up purchasing 10 of these sets of emails for $100 each which I’ll release next week to the entire group.

Finally, I told you how I’m giving away a FREE $1,000/week generating business in 2 weeks & how you can win!

Here’s the summary of what we did:

1. Reviewed Affiliate Selling System business
2. Purchased 10 sets of emails for $100 each
3. Told you how to win a $1k/week business
4. Unlocked all phase 1 & 2 assets

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