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We’re officially one week away from launching your email profits business!

(If you’re new, this is the 14th business we’re launching next week that you’ll get 100% free of charge)

… and last night I gave you a KEY asset to make this business profitable for you…

But first I made a HUGE announcement about “where” we’ll be going with the SC in the future and what you can expect (super exciting)

Then we ran through your entire business from A-Z to make sure everyone is on the the same page.

We talked about how to target the RIGHT prospects to create trust and generate the most conversions possible!

Then I showed you the ebook I wrote for you to help you collect leads and talked about the “psychology” behind why this will help YOU make money.

THEN I gave you the book for for FREE to add to your funnel!

After that we reviewed some of the ebooks submitted by students to our FB group…

… and they were epic 🙂

I ended up buying 2 for $150 which I’ll give you next week.

AND we actually extended the contest one extra week so you can still submit your book to potentially win $150 next Thursday!

Finally I told you how you can win $500 next week just by posting in our FB group…

Here’s what went down:

1. Walked through your entire business from A-Z
2. Gave you the ebook (lead magnet) for free
3. Reviewed the student ebook submissions
4. Bought 2 ebooks for $150 each
5. Extended ebook contest 1 extra week (details on replay)
6. Started $500 fb group contest


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