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In my last message, I talked about what is required to be seen as an expert so prospects will chase you.

In this message, you will learn why.

So what is required to make that happen?

Do you know how to get more people to opt into your lead capture page?

Well, I’m sure you would like to know … wouldn’t you?

Pick one of the following… ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’…

A) Put up a lead capture page and pray
B) Put beautiful graphics on it
C) Use an “Ethical Bribe”

Now the (hopefully) obvious answer is … ‘C’

So why is “C” the answer?

When I first heard the term “Ethical Bribe”, I really didn’t like it (because I don’t like bribery) … so why am I using that term?

Because that’s the term I heard from top Internet marketers…

And the reality is, that’s exactly what you’re doing…

You’re ‘bribing’ your prospects to give you their contact information. (on your lead capture page)

The key distinction though is the word “Ethical” which is very important.

Let me prove my point …

Would you give me a $5 bill if I gave you $20
in return?

And how often would you give me $5 if I gave you $20 every time?

How does the word … FOREVER sound?

So what is my point?

Getting someone to give me $5 for my $20, is nothing more than an EXCHANGE!

Key Point – What if I offered you NOTHING in exchange for your $5?

Would you give me $5 if I gave you nothing in return?

So why not?              SIMPLE…

Because you would not be getting something of GREATER VALUE.

Key Point – ANYONE would be willing to do an exchange with you, as long as you give them something of GREATER VALUE!

And … getting someone to go to your website and enter their information, is nothing more than doing an exchange!

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach you something important about your prospects.

All the Best,


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