Sweet Tea here with something for you that

really helped me once I understood it…

Slow on the uptake…:-)

Your business and your entire life will change
radically when you focus on duplicating instead
of recruiting.

So what do I mean by that?

Tim was making on average about $22,000 per
week and was the #1 distributor in his company.

When he had a qualified prospect on the phone
that had already watched his video presentation …

He did NOT try to enroll them himself!


Because Tim knew that duplication is the key to
success in any business.

Tim knew that if he enrolled the prospect, that the
prospect would think they need to enroll their

What if the prospect doesn’t “think” they can enroll
a prospect?

Would they join Tim’s business? Of course not …

So what did Tim do?

Tim always brought another person on the phone
when it was time to enroll someone …

Now what did this do for the prospect?

The prospect experienced …

Tim getting support and having someone else ask
the enrolling questions …

And what do you think that made the prospect think?

The prospect thought … “Hey, if I join this business,
I don’t need to be the one to enroll my prospects…

I can call someone else just like Tim did with me!”

Do you see the brilliance in this?

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach
you why…

Your business must be simple and easy
to duplicate


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P.S.  In order to achieve massive duplication, you
gotta’ keep it simple, right?…


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